No Deposit Bonuses Online Casino

To keep customers and attract new ones online casinos often use variety of bonus programs. No-deposit bonus is one of them. How to receive and apply it correctly, what you shall be aware of and how can you earn using it–to these and many other questions are described in this web-site.

In order to get a no-deposit bonus to your account, you just need to register and fill in your personal profile in the casino with a bonus for registration. Fill in all the data correctly, as soon as you will have to confirm it if you manage to win back a deposit. In the “bonuses” section you can find the size of the wager or check with the support service.

List of Casinos with Bonus for Registration

Онлайн казино Рейтинг Бонус Обзор казино Играть
50 free spins Обзор Играть
€2 + 10 free spins Обзор Играть
20 free spins Обзор Играть
€2 + 20 free spins Обзор Играть
20 free spins Обзор Играть
20 free spins Обзор Играть
20 free spins Обзор Играть
$15 Обзор Играть

How to take over wager correctly?

Registration bonus can be withdrawn only with two exceptions:

  • you got to the scam site
  • you did not fulfill all wagering rules

In order to avoid such situations, you should carefully read the rules of a particular online casino, including the lines written in small print (the most tricky points are often found there). As a general  rule, the size of the no-deposit bonus ranges from a few tens to hundreds dollars, but in order to withdraw them, you must fulfill the conditions of the wager (wager is the amount or number of free bets).

For instance, wager is $ 40. In case if the no-deposit bonus is 10 $, you need to make bets in the amount of $ 400. It is worth noting that such a simple “mathematics” works only with wagering through slot machines. Things are much worse if you try to win back a bonus in board games (roulette, blackjack or poker) – only 10% of the bet will be counted. Having a more detailed look, you can find the conditions for withdrawal and wagering of the bonus for registration are not so simple.

Having played no-deposit bonus – what’s next?

Despite the fact it is not easy to play the no-deposit bonus, some players still succeed. However, that is not all: the first thing to do is to request the withdrawal of all money from the institution’s account. Casinos, as a rule, cancel the cash-out (Cash-out – withdrawal of cash from the casino cash desk) and asks to send scans of your documents (that’s why it is very important to register your details correctly) – experienced players always keep such files at hand.

Some establishments may ask you to make a minimum deposit through the payment system to which you have ordered a withdrawal. That means, if you have ordered a withdrawal via WebMoney – you may be asked to replenish your casino account through WebMoney for the minimum amount. It is not necessary to play on them. We fulfill these conditions and order money withdrawal again.

Why casinos practice no deposit bonuses?

Registration bonus is one of the most common way to lure new players for casinos. This is used by both new casinos and rather large gaming establishments. Where is the catch? The answer is simple: to play such a bonus is almost impossible, i.e. Online casinos risk nothing by offering any amount as a gift – after all, they also come up with the conditions for wagering.

If you have decided to beat the casino and are serious about success, you should give up all the unwanted bonuses – so you will have much more chances to withdraw money.

However, this does not negate the fact that by using the registration bonus you can fully appreciate all the features of slot machines without spending a single penny